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Product Overview

The Spotlight package showcases a resort/DMO's
calendar, offerings, and photography. The
package includes editorial plus extensive
promotions, so when skiers engage with the
OnTheSnow website, mobile app, email
newsletter, and social channels your content will
be there to greet them.

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Creative Specifications

If MNC/OTS writes the article, assets, including the content brief, are due
6 weeks prior to go live date.

If article is written by Partner, assets including the content brief, are due
3 weeks prior to go live date.

Content Brief
• Partner to complete and submit a content brief to OTS

• Text – 250-500 word news story
• Hyperlinked text and URLs they go to. (5 links max) e.g., Lodging,
flights, lift prices, events, etc.
• Video – YouTube link (72 dpi) optional
• OnTheSnow Staff will work with your team to edit content to fit our
brand and voice

• Image – minimum of 1920x1280 at 300 dpi
• Format – JPG (horizontal only)
• 3-5 images for consideration
• Image caption and credits

Specs continued next page.

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Creative Specifications Continued

Branded Display Ads (Provided by Partner)
• Image – 728x90, 300x250, 300x600, 160x600, and 320x50
• Image Format – JPG, GIF, PNG
• Total Size – less than 200kb
• Animation – less than 3 loops, no blinking text
• Link – redirection url (unless you provide click tag)
• 3rd party tags accepted (tags must be secured)

Promotions (Created in house by Mountain News)
• Includes homepage and newsletter placement, mobile inbox, social
posts, and ROS display units
• Partner should provide logo + brand guidelines for Mountain News to
refer to when building the promotional materials
    - Logo Specifications
        ▪ Vertical layout: at minimum 160 x 160 px
        ▪ Horizontal layout: at minimum 400 x 100 px
        ▪ Image Format – JPG, GIF, PNG
        ▪ Logos should be provided in color and in white.
        ▪ OPTIONAL: a transparent background if it fits with your brands
        ▪ File size: should not exceed 50kb

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Creative Best Practices

• Partner to complete and submit a content brief to OTS

• Highlight your brand's unique value proposition, special events, key initiatives, etc.
• Examples from OTS partners
    • Unreal Ways to Experience Mammoth Lakes
    • The Ultimate Guide to the Best Ski Getaway in Whistler
    • Exploring Canada's Best Ski Destinations
    • Get To Know The Mountain Collective

Branded Display Ads
• Focus on driving brand awareness
• Carefully consider layout options and how it will translate across each ad size/device
• Use colors that align with your brand guidelines
• Write a concise attention-grabbing headline
• Incorporate unique photography
• Include a highly visible button with a strong call-to-action
-CTAs should be short, meaningful and action-oriented
• Add your brand's logo

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