Ski Report Widget Configuration Tool

Snow Report Widget FAQ 


What is a Snow Report Widget?

It’s a widget for the users of your website to keep them up to date with the freshest snow reports. You can easily integrate our widget into any of your existing sites or webpage via the HTML code provided.

Why use the Snow Report Widget?

With OnTheSnow’s free snow widget, your website can be the go-to resource for snow info for a particular region or specific resort(s). Boost your web traffic and provide the best experience by adding our widget. Your visitors need not leave your website just to check out the current snow reports. They may simply look at the Snow Report Widget on your website for the latest and quality snow reports displayed in a sleek, easy-to-follow, concise layout.

What does the Snow Report Widget offer?

The Snow Report Widget offers these awesome features:

  • The latest and accurate snow reports
  • Fast and easy integration of our widget into your website
  • It’s free!
  • A customizable widget to fit in any place on your website, webpage, blog, etc.
  • Three different widget options to choose from: Single Region, Single Resort, and List of Resorts

What are the differences between each widget type? Which should I choose?

We have three different widget types: Single Region, Single Resort, and List of Resorts. Choose the best widget based on what you think will suit best to your visitors.

Types Single Region Single Resort List of Resorts
Description A widget showing a list of resorts for a single region A widget that displays a single resort A widget that shows the list of resorts from various regions
Data points depend on the type of widget:
• Lifts (open/total)
• Top Snow Depth
• Snowfall*
• Weather Top
• Weather Bottom
• Bottom Snow Depth
• Webcam (optional)

*Note: Snowfall will show amount and date if the resort is open. When a resort is closed the snowfall value will show as “closed”. 

How often does the snow report refresh?

The widget is updated at the same time the information is updated in our database. Depending on the resort, the data may be updated hourly or on a daily basis.

How accurate are the snow reports? How are they sourced?

Mountain News is considered the industry “Source” for snow reports.  The company was founded in 1968 for the purpose of aggregating snow conditions. Today every ski area in the world files their information with Mountain News, and our news desk operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week vetting the information for accuracy.  Hundreds of media outlets worldwide (e.g. Google, Weather Channel, Meteo France) rely on our snow reporting data.

Can I add multiple widgets? Can I place them on the same page?

You may embed as many widgets as you want on your site or web pages.

Will using the widget slow down my site?

No. The Widget does not use any client resources. The widget and widget assets run directly on the Mountain News servers.

How does it work? What are the steps?

An HTML code will be generated based on how you configured your widget module. Embedding our widget on your site is fast and easy. Just follow these six steps:

Step 1:
Select the widget type from the dropdown menu.

Step 2:
Specify the ski resort(s) or region. Select from the drop-down.

Step 3:
Configure the Settings

Note: Sample settings for a Single Resort type widget

Step 4:
Scroll down for a preview of your widget. Make the necessary changes according to your preferences.

Step 5:
After configuring your widget, fill in the form, which you’ll find below the widget preview.

Step 6:
Lastly, copy+paste the generated HTML code snippet on your website, webpage, blog, etc.

Can the widget be customized? How? 

Yes! During the configuration process, select from the options under “Settings”.  

  • Language: The language in which the widget will be displayed 
  • Widget size: Small(450px), Large(600px) or custom width. Note: height is automatically chosen based on the height of the content. 
  • Show closed resorts: By default, only open resorts are shown. You can override this by choosing “Show Open and Closed resorts”. (For Single Region widget only) 
  • Webcams: For adding resort webcams. (For Single Resort widget only) 
  • Country Flags: A small country flag will be placed next to the resort name. (For List of Resorts widget only) 

Can the height or other iFrame attributes of the iFrame code be adjusted? 

Yes. By default, the height is automatically calculated based on the choices you make during the configuration process. At the end of the configuration process, you can edit the iFrame code as you see fit. Here is an example of an iFrame call: 

<iframe ="300" height="424" border="0" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes">

The height and other attributes can be adjusted at any time.

Can the iFrame scrolling be turned off? 

Yes, you can set scrolling=”no” if you wish. Note that if scrolling is turned off and the height of the iFrame is smaller than the content the bottom of the widget may be cut off. Please adjust the height if needed when turning off scrolling. 

The Single Region widget is not showing any resorts. Why? 

By default, only “open” resorts are displayed. During the configuration process, you can choose to show both open and closed resorts. If you have already configured your widget, you can update the iFrame code to show open resorts by making the following edit: 


<iframe width="600" height="150" border="0" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes"  src="">


<iframe width="600" height="714" border="0" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes"  src="">

Append &open=all to the end of the URL.

I still need help; how can I reach out?

Feel free to email any questions to or contact us.