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Product Overview

The Amplify package includes custom editorial with dedicated
traffic drivers that help a partner maximize reach within
a short timeframe. Once the article is launched, OTS will
promote it over 2-3 days through the OTS newsletter,
social posts, and native ad units.

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Creative Specifications

If MNC/OTS writes the article, assets, including the content brief, are due
6 weeks prior to go live date.

If article is written by Partner, assets including the content brief, are due
3 weeks prior to go live date.

Content Brief
• Partner to complete and submit a content brief to OTS

• Text – 250-500 word news story
• Hyperlinked text and URLs they go to. (5 links max) e.g., Lodging, flights, lift prices, events, etc.
• Video – YouTube link (72 dpi) optional
• OnTheSnow Staff will work with your team to edit content to fit our
brand and voice

• Image – minimum of 1920x1280 at 300 dpi
• Format – JPG (horizontal only)
• 3-5 images for consideration
• Image caption and credits

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Creative Specifications Continued

Branded Display Ads (Provided by Partner)
• Image – 728x90, 300x250, 300x600, 160x600, and 320x50
• Image Format – JPG, GIF, PNG
• Total Size – less than 200kb
• Animation – less than 3 loops, no blinking text
• Link – redirection url (unless you provide click tag)
• 3rd party tags accepted (tags must be secured)

Promotions (Created in house by Mountain News)
• Includes newsletter placement, social posts, and ROS display units
• Partner should provide logo + brand guidelines for Mountain News to refer to when building the promotional materials
    - Logo Specifications
        ▪ Vertical layout: at minimum 160 x 160 px
        ▪ Horizontal layout: at minimum 400 x 100 px
        ▪ Image Format – JPG, GIF, PNG
        ▪ Logos should be provided in color and in white.
        ▪ OPTIONAL: a transparent background if it fits with your brands
        ▪ File size: should not exceed 50kb

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Creative Best Practices

• Highlight your brand's unique value proposition, special events, key initiatives, etc.

Branded Display Ads
• Focus on driving brand awareness
• Carefully consider layout options and how it will translate across each ad size/device
• Use colors that align with your brand guidelines
• Write a concise attention-grabbing headline
• Incorporate unique photography
• Include a highly visible button with a strong call-to-action
- CTAs should be short, meaningful and action-oriented
• Add your brand's logo

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