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Product Overview
Video Advertising

OnTheSnow partners can run in-banner video that
plays within our 300x250 display ad slots.

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Creative Specifications
Video Advertising

You can supply your own VAST or VPAID 3rd party tags.

Please provide tags for:
• 300x250 (top 300x80 should be a header image with CTA)

-- OR--

You can use a YouTube link or raw file format
Both versions require a 300x80 image header with a CTA and a clickthrough URL

YouTube Link -
• Horizontal orientation only
• No YouTube "short" links

Raw File Formats – preferred: .mp4, .mov,.mpeg
• Size – 4MB max
• Can accept impression/click tags
• Dimensions – 16:9 Video Aspect recommended
• Audio Settings (Required) – Codec : PCM (preferred) or AAC, Bitrate : at least 192 Kbps, Bit : 16 or 24 bit, Sample rate : 48 kHz

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Creative Best Practices
Video Unit

• Focus on driving brand awareness and engagement
• Feature a video that is visually appealing and drives an emotional connection
• Consider including a concise attention-grabbing graphic/headline at the very beginning of the video
• Customize the top of the unit (300x80px) to drive brand awareness and engagement, such as a photo, logo, and a highly visible call-to-action button - CTAs should be short, meaningful and action-oriented

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