Advertising Partner Resources Premium Display Bundle
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Product Overview
Premium Display Bundle

For advertisers looking for optimal reach and frequency, we recommend the premium display bundle. This ad assortment will target user throughout our site, on mobile, desktop, and app, giving advertisers a large marketing footprint across our platform.

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Creative Specifications
Premium Display Bundle

• Click URL
• Image Dimensions – 728x90, 300x250, 300x600, 160x600, and 320x50
• Image Format – JPG, GIF, PNG
• Total Size – less than 200kb
• Animation
• 3-loop max. No unlimited looping
• NO blinking/flashing text or images
• Must have a final landing screen after looping which should contain CTA
• 3rd party ad serving or tracking tags accepted (tags must be secured)

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Creative Best Practices
Premium Display Bundle

• Display Ad views at OnTheSnow have proven to drive direct ROAS and also lift the return of other media you have in market, so where applicable create a common thread across all digital channels
• Carefully consider layout options that will work well across each ad size/device
• Use colors that align with your brand guidelines
• Write a concise attention-grabbing headline
• Incorporate unique photography
• Include a highly visible button with a strong call-to action - CTAs should be short, meaningful and action-oriented
• Add your brand's logo

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