ATF to SSP: 25 Acronyms for Digital Marketing

By March 9, 2017Uncategorized

Maybe you’re new to the digital marketing world, or maybe you’re just not up to speed on all the lingo and acronyms. The list continues to grow as digital marketing evolves, so we’ve put together a list of 25 common acronyms used:


ATF: Above the Fold

Originating from traditional print advertising, for digital this simply means the part of the page visible without scrolling down

BTF: Below the Fold

Scrolling required

CPA: Cost per Acquisition

CPC: Cost per Click

CPL: Cost per Lead

CPM: Cost per Thousand Impressions

CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization

Using analytics to increase the conversion rate of website visitors to customers

CTA: Call to Action

Content that instructs people to what they need to do next. Example: “Click to Learn More” or “Click to Buy Now”

CTR: Click Through Rate

A percentage of people who clicked your ad or link, based on the number of impressions

DMA: Designated Market Area

A specific geographic region

DMP: Data Management Platform

A centralized virtual warehouse that collects, stores and organizes your first-party data

DSP: Demand Side Platform

A platform that allows media buyers to buy media in a real-time auction environment across multiple AdExchanges within a split second

IAB: Interactive Advertising Bureau

The advertising business organization that develops industry standards

IoT: Internet of Things

A network of physical devices and/or objects, AKA “smart objects” that connect wirelessly

KPI: Key Performance Indicator(s)

Performance measurement, typically used for specific business areas

PCT: Post Click Tracking

PMP: Private Marketplace

Exclusive invite only auctions

PPC: Pay per Click

PPV: Pay per View

PV: Page View

RON: Run of Network

When an online advertising campaign is applied to a wide collection of websites and the advertiser does not have the ability to choose specific sites

ROS: Run of Site

When an online advertising campaign is applied to a specific website and the placement is determined by the publisher

RTB: Real Time Bidding

Advertising inventory that is bought and sold on a CPM, programmatically.

SOV: Share of Voice

The weight or percentage of content or ad revenue of a specific company, relative other advertisers or companies.

SSP: Supply Side Platform

Enables web publishers to manage their advertising inventory