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Product Overview
Mobile App Sponsorship

OnTheSnow offers the world's most downloaded skiing and snowboarding application. Users actively rely on the app to compare snow reports, contribute and view firsthand reports and photos to check webcams and forecasts. Sponsors receive 100% SOV of the mobile scroller unit and custom load screen.

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Creative Specifications
Mobile App Sponsorship

Custom Load Screen
• Image – 1290x2786 (PNG), max size 800 kb
     - Please compress as much as you can without loss.
    Keep in mind that the image will only be displayed
    after it has been successfully downloaded
     - No CTA
     - No critical visual placed towards the top middle to
    avoid collision with the OnTheSnow logo
     - The OnTheSnow logo is positioned 162px from the
    top, and centered horizontally (450w x600h) Note
    that positioning and sizing may vary from device to
     - OTS will implement the OnTheSnow logo
• The image will be displayed with the mode Aspect Fit, which means that it is scaled to fit the longest edge, and scales the other edge accordingly.
• Make sure your creative harmonizes with the black background, which will appear on devices with a different ratio Companion Mobile Scroller
• See slide for High Impact Display Bundle

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Creative Best Practices
Mobile App Sponsorship

Custom Load Screen
• Incorporate unique photography, your brand's logo and tagline

Companion Mobile Scroller
• Use the large palette to drive brand awareness, and any offers you want to incorporate
• Use colors that align with your brand guidelines
• Write a concise attention-grabbing headline
• Incorporate unique photography
• Include a highly visible button with a strong callto-action
- CTAs should be short, meaningful and action-oriented
• Add your brand's logo

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