From its inception in 1968, Mountain News Corporation has endeavored to be a leading provider of accurate and timely snow sports information. Through the decades we’ve maintained that leadership position because, at our core, we value the opportunity to enable the mountain lifestyle experience through data, content, and advertising solutions. Our appreciation of the snow sports industry is reflected in every step of our company’s growth.


Since our founding, Mountain News Corporation has incorporated over 900 radio stations into its network of snow report outlets, launched a historically innovative snow sports content distribution system for colleges and universities, and unveiled the world’s first online snow sports portal, in 1995.

Our diverse media channels have kept pace with global and seasonal demand. Including summer mountain travel resources like MountainGetaway, as well as the leading European snow sports weather and news platform, our media properties represent a comprehensive picture of the Mountain Travel Consumer experience.

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We’re proud to produce content that consistently resonates with Mountain Travel Consumers. In the years since we launched our data, content, and snow reporting services, our audience hasn’t stopped growing. OnTheSnow’s traffic has grown to over 2.2 million unique monthly visitors and has been launched in ten different countries.

Mountain News Corporation’s various media channels have received international recognition for their groundbreaking roles in the world of online snow sports information. With industry-leading rankings from organizations like Nielsen @Plan and ComScore, we know our audience is engaged.

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Mountain News Corporation has been living and breathing the mountain lifestyle for over 47 years. Our audience trusts us to provide them with the information that they need to enable their mountain travel experiences.

With our infrastructure of mountain lifestyle media properties in place and advanced targeting options, our powerful advertising platform is in a unique position to help advertisers connect with the desirable consumers they need to improve their marketing performance. At Mountain News Corporation, our goal is to create a strong partnership with our clients and deliver them a high-performing campaign aligning with their brand initiatives.


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